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Scott's Astrophotography

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Here is where you will see objects in space I captured with special equipment and software. Most objects take many hours of exposure time and even more time to process to see the images.

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I will start with my favorite object that is facinating to look at. I captured this in the fall of 2011 over a few months. This is a total of close to 6 hours cumulative exposure time with a 9.25 in. Schmit Cass. scope. Most call this the Horsehead nebula. This is a narrow shot of the area.


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Pillars of Creation
This is M16

Lagoon Nebula

This amazing image was taken June 2 2012 from my home observing area. There is an unlimted amount of beauty in space. I wish I could visit these places.

Ring Nebula in Lyra

Next I will talk/show how this is all done. You might be suprised when you don't see Mt. Palomar on the next page. Those that know the hobby know what I'm talking about.